Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow, and every day

Valentine’s Day is a happy occasion for receiving flowers, chocolates, sweeter words, and maybe good books. If you’re a book lover, there are few things finer—and some of us have a hard time parting with any of them. But really, why should we? One of life’s highest joys is being surrounded by friends—and favorite books qualify. (Picture dedicated readers surrounded by books on bedside tables, stacked in piles on the floor, and maybe even one or two close at hand on the bed for when you wake up at night, as I sometimes do. Especially if it’s a beautifully written book, and a friend lent me a few recently.

Last night one of my sons told me I shouldn’t buy him a card for his close to Valentine’s birthday, (although I already have). Why? He said I’d already gave him the best possible greeting years ago when our budget really limited us to bare essentials and didn’t allow a card. I routinely wrote my sons birthday letters telling them how much I loved them and the things I appreciated most. But apparently one year, I took my youngest into a high-end store, searched for the most meaningful card regardless of expense, and said, “If I could afford it, this is the card I would buy you.” Thankfully, that imprinted his heart. He says it was his best birthday card ever. I’m thrilled that became a permanent memory.

Maybe I should really say, Valentine’s Day is an occasion for flowers, chocolates, and most of all, sweet, meaningful words. After all, words are (almost) free. Don’t miss the opportunity. Select your very best and provide a gift your loved ones will always cherish.

Now, please take a moment to describe your best Valentine’s Day gift or greeting, and why it is your favorite? Or maybe hint how you will express things to loved ones to make it their best greeting to remember every day.