Classes & Seminars

Classes and Seminars: 
(any of these can be adapted to individual needs and settings)

Unlock the Creative Writer in You:

Delores will help you identify your writing gifts and shape and develop them into any successful genre expression. Years of successful writing and teaching have given Delores keys for encouraging and directing your skills and experience into confident writing from initial inspiration to satisfying results. (Maximum class size is 8-10 students)

Memoir-Writing: “Please tell Me a Story”:

All of us have a story inside–or maybe even a book. Friends, children, and grandchildren constantly say, “Please tell me a story.” This Memoir writing class offers easy training providing handles to open doors to the chapters of our lives important to record for ourselves, as a legacy for loved ones, or perhaps even a wider audiences. This class presents skills in choosing writing “brush strokes like artist colors” to bring scenes to life and answer story questions, whether you’re writing short personal experiences or full family chronologies, while guiding you to successfully deliver your unique story.

Biblical Archaeology:

Have you longed to visit Israel? Be an armchair adventurer and hear lessons from Delores’ journeys (totaling 99 days so far) including dig projects, audio-visuals, artifacts, and “hands-on” workshops to “handle history.” Study Bible Land discoveries that illustrate, confirm and build faith in exciting ways to make Bible history more personally alive.

The Three-Legged Table— Single-parent Families:

Does your family feel like a wobbly three-legged table while most families appear to be sturdy four-legged tables containing all necessary parts? Sometimes it is God’s special purpose and design to create a beautiful ornamental yet stable three-legged table.Hear testimony from someone who has been there and found God’s sustaining grace.

The Glorious Art of Grandparenting:

Are you a maximally influential grandparent? Learn to create the lasting bonds and strong relationships that establish the eternal in cherished children and grandchildren (or “kiddleywinks.”) Hear about “Great-grandmother Tablecloths,” and many wise wonderful ways to help grandchildren find their God-given place in the fabric of family hearts and lives.

Creative Strategies for Inspiring and Nurturing Children: (based on teaching, tutoring, loving, and working with young children, neighborhood children, and grandchildren)

Parenting, grandparenting, mentoring, and nurturing involves creating atmosphere for relationships and learning to happen–these are rich opportunities to transmit valued life experiences. Make times with children count. If such opportunities to inspire and nurture are not taken, they are forever missed.

“The secret to genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age” — Aldous Huxley

“Another ingredient to genius is for adults to transmit proven knowledge and experience to the young” — Delores Topliff

Today more grandparents and older adults are involved in childcare than ever before. This course helps you utilize resources you probably already have to transform times together into quality producing meaningful skills and experiences to carry children forward in life and establish wonderful memories.

The Case for Godly Education:

Who controls education today? Who did God place in charge? This study traces the path of education from its God-given beginnings in the hands of parents and religious teachers to its current position under governmental control. Realize the need to regain our god-given call to equip our children with godly principles and full spiritual authority.

A Study of the Psalms and Their Language of Prayer and Song:

David grew from shepherd to king through transforming times of prayer and praise that birthed many of our favorite scriptures. Learn God’s timeless principles for worship and authority as we focus on the singers and scripture songs that heal our hearts and free us to continue this ministry today.

The Life and Ministry of Christ:

Jesus upheaved conventional ministry patterns by birthing new spiritual principles. Study the four Gospels plus Christ’s words to Paul in Acts and to John in Revelation, to see the Life of Jesus in full focus. The resulting clear portrait demonstrates the kind of ministry heart and passion our world needs today.

The Life and Writings of Paul:

Like Paul, do you feel God’s call to leadership but are uncertain of its path? Beyond the privileges of birth, education and citizenship, which can aid success, God birthed Apostleship into this unlikely convert through suffering, breaking, and survival lessons that equipped him to reach his world and establish the Christian Church. Topics include the “Bold Prisoner,” “Paul’s Mediterranean Cruise,” “The Pauline Guidelines for Church Government,” and more.

God’s Heart:

Are you facing a Goliath crisis bigger than you and larger than you can solve? Don’t give up. See God conquer! Hear how God healed Delores’s 4-year-old son’s heart, setting her on a spiritual journey into deep places in God. Be encouraged by her testimony of how God healed her own heart and life in profound lasting ways.

Be Released into the Prophetic: (Teaching and Hands-on Workshop)
Hear the seeing and hearing prophetic ministry gifts defined and explained as Delores shares, equips and imparts from her own experience. Grow in yielding to God’s gifts. Partner with the Holy Spirit as He brings heaven’s wisdom to earth through yielded vessels.