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Whoosh: a true Story

Whoosh - Cover


Author and Illustrator

Children’s Book, Whoosh: a true story by Delores Topliff and illustrated by Jessie Nilo.
ISBN 978-0-9769031-1-6.


Little Big Chief and the Bear Hunt

Cover Statement



Away in the hills of the Okanagan
Lived an Indian tribe in its pointed wigwams,
A tribe that had for its chief a man
Who kept food in the food pots, peace in the clans,
Who had sturdy legs, though he wasn’t very tall,
And as a hunter no one beat him from the spring to the fall
He’d been a good chief, but now whispers began
He was getting too old to be head of the clan
He had wrinkle marks from his toes to his chin,
Could he keep enemies out but food within?
His muscles were weak, his tummy round,
He no longer slept like a brave on the ground,
But on a buffalo robe, warm and snug,
Like a warm little bug in a snug little rug
He heard the whispers but he just gave a shrug,
For he was chief of the proud-hearted, fast-running, bright-feathered, brave-hunting Native People,
Boom boom boom boom
Boom boom boom boom
Boom boom boom boom
Boom boom boom boom

Children’s Book
, Little Big Chief and the Bear Hunt by Delores Topliff and illustrated by Jessie Nilo, 2009.ISBN 978-0-9842291-0-9.

Delores has narrated this book as a read-aloud CD


Little Chief and Ogopogo



Delores has narrated this book as a read-aloud CD

Woodsy, the Wonder Bear
Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 下午2.45.03

In this prizewinning story, when Woodsy, an orphan bear, couldn’t stay alone in his national forest, a nice zookeeper brought him to Parkland Zoo. Woodsy loved zoo visitors, especially children, but missed his woods and forest friends. And then one day a young zookeeper didn’t latch the cage tight and Woodsy became a Wonder Bear with special adventures. Then he had to decide. Could he keep having adventures and freedom? Or find ways to keep zoo visitors happy, too?

61 articles in the Minnesota Christian Chronicle (now The Christian Examiner) through 2015.

Other recent publications:

The Providential Dental Appointment, Jesus Talked to Me Today: True Stories of Children’s Encounters with Angels, Miracles, and God, compiled by James Scott Bell, June ’16, published by Bethany House July 5, 2016.

“The Weed Inspector,” Farm & Ranch Living, Milwaukee, WI, Aug.-Sept. 2016.

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