DeloresAbout Delores:

Delores grew up in Washington and Oregon but also spent many adult years in western Canada. Grade school teachers encouraged her writing, and she loves to encourage and mentor other writers now. She earned college degrees via scholarships and interesting jobs. Many summers she worked for the Forest Service in both the U.S. and Canada. She enjoys wild life, jewelry-making (including using porcupine quills),  photography, and gives convincing moose calls. She teaches online and on-campus at the Univ. of Northwestern—St. Paul (MN) while enjoying dividing her time between Minnesota and Northeastern Mississippi. Travel may be her favorite means of learning.

Delores is a college teacher, speaker, and freelance writer with over 360 publications besides providing editing and publishing services. Her writings are found in Aglow, Angels on Earth, Today’s Christian, Family Life Today, the Minnesota Christian Chronicle (later the Christian Examiner and Refreshed Magazines), and Revell, Guideposts, and James Stuart Bell compilation books.

Her books and projects are represented by Julie Gwinn of The Seymour Agency.

Use the “Books & CDs” link to order her printed children’s books or read-aloud CDs. Use the “Contact” link to request personal signing. To order e-books, use the website Home page. She’s completing her fourth novel and has finaled and semi-finaled in the American Christian Fiction Writers Genesis contests in 2011,  2013, and 2016, plus earning bronze in the 2012 and 2014 national Frasier writing contests, and finaling in the 2017 Athanatos Contest.

Books: Besides her popular true children’s book, Whoosh, she offers beautifully illustrated rhymed children’s adventures, Little Big Chief: The Bear Hunt where Little Chief tames his enemy in ways that will surprise you, and its stand-alone sequel, Little Chief and Ogopogo based on a frequently-observed North American deep-lake creature with more eye-witness accounts than the Loch Ness monster. Her newest is Woodsy, the Wonder Bear, set in Minnesota about an orphan bear raised in a zoo who delights children while finding ways to also enjoy wild adventures. All four are available as printed or e-books. She now also writes novels and is completng her fourth.

Her Blogs are available here and at http:mbtponderers.blogspot.com

Other publications: Articles, books, poems, songs, curriculum, videos, seminars, and more total over 360 currently including 61 articles in the Minnesota Christian Chronicle, later The Christian Examiner, (now Refreshed Magazine).

Delores has spent over three months on missions in Colombia, South America and five two- to three-week mission trips throughout the Philippines from 2008 through 2017, including times in Indonesia, South Korea, Macau, and Singapore. She has spoken or taught in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, and so is about to lead her seventh study group to Israel.

Professional Interests and Affiliations

Creative Writing:
Poems, Stories, Articles published by Aglow, Angels on Earth, Guideposts, the Christian Reader, Family Life Today, Journal of English Linguistics, the Gathering, The Tamarack, MN Christian Chronicle (now Refreshed Magazine), as well as Revell, Guideposts, and James Stuart Bell compilation books.

Israel: Hands-on experience with the Biblical Resources Study Center near Jerusalem and the valley of Rephaim, as well as digs in Baal Hazor, Galilee, including dating, reassembling, and displaying artifacts, etc.

Twitter @DeloresTopliff,

Email questions or requests @delorestopliff.com

What Others Are Saying:

“She is a one woman college.”
Rev. Milton Vereide, son of Abraham Vereide, founder of the U.S. Presidential Prayer Breakfasts, who first introduced Corrie ten Boom to U.S. churches.

“Delores is a “Renaissance Woman.”
Dr. Charles Aling, University of Northwestern–St. Paul, MN

“Delores’ skill in writing prose and poetry is exemplified in her teaching style. Her message shows life relevance today.”
Joyce Erickson, President Emeritus, Maranatha College, Brooklyn Park, MN

“Delores looks you right in the eye.  Her windows are open and the lights are on.”
60’s International Rock Star and Christian singer, Barry “Eve of Destruction,” “Bull Frogs and Butterflies,” McGuire

“Delores hears the prophetic songs of heaven, and then pens and teaches them on earth.” 
Rev. Bill Johnson, VP, Christian International School of Ministry, Santa Rosa, FL