May these thoughts spurn you on. What?

Delores E. Topliff

You may have seen this great post about Acryologia shared on Facebook. But wait, there’s more; and I make no apologies. I love delightful word misuses and have a small collection of my own. Plus I also manage to goof up occasionally and get my tang toungled.

Years ago when many products were made of Naugahyde, resembling leather but made from fabric coated with rubber or vinyl resin, I was buying a new purse from a Sears catalogue. The look and price were right but I showed it to an elegant, fashionable, and well-educated Chinese-American friend for her opinion. “Do you think it’s real leather?” I asked.

She answered, “For that price, it has to be Formaldehyde.” Once I explained, we laughed about that term for years.

Another friend who learned Dutch before English recently wrote wishing me inspiration to “spurn” my writing on. I haven’t told her and won’t, but thanks, ahem, I guess. If you read this and know her, don’t tell her. Her thoughts are solid gold.

Here is the link if you wish to copy:

I’m sure you’ve run across these as well. Please share your best and have a great week.

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